Edible Integration: Breaking Bread at Opportunity Space Festival


The Opportunity Space Festival was a pilot project for activating public space to support social and economic inclusion. The festival connected dozens of organizations in Malmö to offer performances, workshops, discussions, and other programs to help refugees and long-time residents meet, build skills, and prepare for entry into the job market. These programs took take place August 22nd to September 2nd, 2017 in Enskifteshagen Park, in a temporary pavilion selected from an international design competition. Gro’up was a partner of one of the three festival categories “Food and Cultural Exchange: for long-time residents and new arrivals to meet and find common ground”.The festival sought to bring people together from different backgrounds who might not have met otherwise to learn from each other, exchange information, and share resources.


On August 24th Gro’up co-organized a showcase and panel discussion around bread; its socio-cultural, historical and economical value and weight in society and across cultures. To touch upon the vast variety of topics related to bread, we invited an interdisciplinary team to unravel the simple yet complex topic.

The team:

-Heather Oldby – Chair person at Rude Food, food rescue organization in Malmö

-Joel Lindqvist – Pastry chef/Baker in Malmö, Pastry by Joel Lindqvist/Mat och Choklad Studio

-Håkan Jönsson – Food Studies & Ethnography, Professor at Lund University

-Edith Salminen – Food Culture Specialist & Co-founder of Gro’up

Facilitator: Jens Almqvist, Business Designer at Krinova Science Park in Kristianstad


The Opportunity Space Festival is a Van Alen Institute project, in collaboration with the City of Malmö, White, Individuell Människohjälp, Skanska, and Sveriges Arkitekter.