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FRIDAY LUNCH: Fermentation Take-Over

March 2, 2018, 12:0016:00 CET


Kathe Kaczmarzyk & Meadow Lab

It’s all about ferments for this exceptional Friday Lunch take-over by London based fermentor Kathe Kaczmarzyk and Malmö based fermentor and wild food educator Meadow Lab.


For this super special Friday only, all foods and beverages served will be wild and fermented.


This is the drill – 120 kr/person – 12:00-16:00 or until sold out:

1. Pick your bread
2. Choose between a fermented sausage or tempeh
3. Pick the garnish from a range of fermented vegetables
4. Pick your fermented beverage
5. Eat.

Table reservation recommended!
About Kathe:

Kathe Kaczmarzyk spends her time educating in fermentation and experimenting with various fermentation processes. Currently she is based in London, UK but can be found traveling, teaching workshops  within various cities. Kathe’s goal is to provide a means and resource to become comfortable with the teeming and ever vast bacterial and microbial world around us. By merging the understanding of various histories; an acknowledgement of the pasts that have brought us to our present, can we better link to today’s food and the ever-adapting-changing-developing-dissolving yet resolving food “cultures”. How can we form a better understanding of ourselves, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going, through a world much larger than ourselves.  Everything in this world ferments.

About Meadow Lab:

Meadow Lab is founded by artist, forager, vegetarian chef, fermentation and wild plants educator Agata Bielska Annersten. The idea of Meadow Lab is to invite the public to experience old way of living which include foraging for edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms, natural techniques of preserving and preparing food. It’s also about connecting more deeply with one’s immediate environment and, with their deep roots. Finally, it’s about exploring old knowledge that is valuable for modern human. Human existence have been dependent  of foraging and preserving food from the beginning of its existence. Fermentation is probably the oldest preservation technique and, is an important part of food heritage in cultures from all around the world.


March 2, 2018
12:00– 16:00